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Website Review:

In short: Lots of 1-3 minute listening “quizzes.” Mostly, you can listen to conversations, but sometimes just one person is speaking. The best thing is how natural the conversations sound. Randall, who runs the site, has a strong personality. You can really get to know him if you listen a lot. (Some people might find him annoying, but most will find him lovable.)

Unfortunately, the “easy”, “medium” and “difficult” levels aren’t necessarily accurate. A lot of the “easy” ones are quite hard. The speed is OK, but sometimes there is too much difficult vocabulary and grammar for students who want easy listening tasks. The post-listening vocabulary activities are stronger and having your scores appear is cool.

Also, there are way too many ads and the whole site needs to be redesigned. The content is strong, but poorly organized and displayed.

For students: Listen to each quiz many times. They are short, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Listening to one quiz 20 times would be very good for your studies.

For teachers: You might put students in pairs and have each pair choose a quiz that has two people.  After they’ve thoroughly understood it, they could make a transcript and act it out for the class. Then, the class could do the comprehension questions based on the other students’ performance.

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