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In short: A great English news site for upper-intermediate or advanced level Koreans. Many of the stories are in English and Korean, so Koreans can quickly check the translation. Even if you’re not Korean, though, you’ll enjoy reading these stories on everything from current events to entertainment. You can also listen to many of them.

For students (in Korea): Check out the Foreign Community tab where you can find many English language events. There are many nice opportunities to go practice your English in the real world.

For teachers: Assign one of the stories that have audio to your students. Ask them to read it for the next class. They can print it off, but should be familiar with the intonation, timing, and word stress while reading.

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Website Review:

In short: Super lesson plans based on current events. Every three days, Sean Bannville writes and records a brief summary of a current event and puts together a lesson plan around it. The lesson plans always follow the same format and the format is perfect, so why not? (There are nice warm-up activities, discussion questions, and vocabulary exercises.) Plus, most teachers and students will find that there is more material than they’ll ever use for one article. You can always use different parts of the lessons if you need some variety.

If you like this one, check out his other sites:,,, and

For students: There are six games that come with each lesson. Four of the games are great for practicing the vocabulary. The other two (“No Letters” and “Sentence Jumble”) will help you write like a native speaker.

For teachers: In addition to using these lessons regularly, you might just print off a few, make copies for your class, and carry them around. You’ll always have a wonderful back-up plan in your bag for when your things go wrong or you finish quickly.

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