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How to Learn, How to Teach English (Longman’s online dictionary)

Website Review:

In short: A good dictionary can make a big difference. Students who use an English-English dictionary improve more quickly. But, there’s a problem. Most English-English dictionaries are too difficult. It’s no good if you can’t understand the words or the grammar in the definition. Longman’s excellent dictionary solves this problem. They use just 2000 words in all of their definitions.

For students: The first time you visit this site, you should click “how to use”. The site isn’t hard to use, but you can make sure that you understand everything.

Also, you’ll enjoy listening to the new words. You can hear American or British pronunciation and example sentences.

For teachers: The next time your students pull out their translators, direct them to this site instead. If you can show them that this English-English dictionary is just as good (or better) than their translators, you might get some converts.

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