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Website Review:

In short: A lot of pretty good stuff. Nice dialogues present idioms and expressions. The TOEFL vocab quizzes are good. Proverbs are well-defined. The readings will help intermediate to upper-intermediate students and they come with excellent comprehension questions.

Unfortunately, a lot of things also seem incomplete. For instance, the conversations from movies are nice, but readers can’t understand them because you don’t know what happened before you start reading. And there are no comprehension questions to go with them.

In general, the whole site is organized/labled poorly. After clicking around for over an hour, it was pretty easy to find everything, but it shouldn’t take that long.

For students: You might enjoy visiting this site every morning and clicking on “Conversations” to learn a new expression. Then, you can try to use it later in the day.

For teachers: If you’re preparing your students for a test like the TOEFL, but the TOEFL readings are too difficult, these readings are excellent preparation while the students work to raise their levels a bit more.

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